Music To My Ears

Music to my ears. That can be said for many things. Although it is a figure of speech, it might insinuate that all music is good music. Is all music good music? Is every song on Earth SOMEBODY’S favorite song? Let’s take a deeper look into what we think is good music. Read this post.

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Try to imagine you are on a deserted island.. Forever lol. You are on this island and you only have the ability to play one song. One song only. Could you choose one to listen to? Can you pick a favorite song? Check out Pink Fader’s rap beats here.

I can’t. I mean, I used to think I could. But different situations call for different pieces of music. If I am at the gym I like Sum 41’s emo banger Fat Lip. It helps me spin my bike a little faster or lift a little heavier, or get one more rep it.

Or how about when I’m at work (I work in a nice tanning salon where we play Sirius XM radio and I always choose the Chill station. Deep house music and relaxing instrumentals. If I decide to take a road trip in the day time, I might like some new Pop music, maybe a little new Hip Hop.

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The point is, when you are in the mood for some mid 90’s R&B, you are in the mood for some mid 90’s R&B. You have got to get your fix when you need it. I’m always in the mood some mid 90’s grunge rock like Pearl Jam. I can’t even begin to tell you the joy that brings me.

To me, that is good music. But to some, it may just be noise. My husband can’t get into the groove of grunge music because he grew up on old school R&B like Luther Vandross. That doesn’t mean that R&B is the only music he likes, not by far. During a road trip he like new Hip Hop, Indie Pop, or late 90’s emo pop. At least we can agree on some of the same tastes in music.

I like getting to know new genres of music. All the cool collaborations. All the mixing and meshing of styles to create new and innovative sounds. What are your favorite styles and genres of music? There are so many different types.

One genre I just could never get into is country. I like old country from the early 60’s like Patsy Cline. My mom used to play her records and sing along while she cleaned the house. It brings me such nice memories. She would also play Fleetwood Mac and Sade.

What a wide variety of tunes we all love. I can’t imagine live without music. Music is made by every human culture is some form or fashion. Asian Pop is becoming popular in the U.S. much like British Pop was popular in the mid 90’s with The Spice Girls. They are even going on tour in the UK this year!

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No matter what music floats your boat, remember, every group, band, or recording artist is somebody’s favorite. Who you listen to when you are cleaning the house? How about when you are trying to fall asleep? There is a time and place for every song in your playlist of life.